Posted by Keith on August 9, 2001 7:21PM

Unifly Discs FAQ

What is Unifly Discs?

That's an interesting question. Unifly Discs is a "brand," I imagined in 2021. I like the way it sounds. While the name means something to me, I don't like to define my art. I will leave it up to you to give Unifly Discs meaning, if you are so inclined to do so.

Who are you?

Wow, another great question. The question "Who am I?" is one that has befuddled the most genius. It is a profoundly deep question, that honestly, I don't have the answer to. However, in terms of disc golf, I'm a nobody. I'm an old man with bad feet who loves to bang chains. I am also a recovering journalist from back in the day, so I like to write. I created Unifly Discs as a way for me to tell stories about disc golf. My name is Keith.

How do you make money?

I don't make money from this website. This website costs me money to run. If I build any sort of significant readership, I might consider donations in exchange for shwag. But for now, I can cover the costs, I just like telling stories.

Why can't you just setup a Patreon account like Paul Ulibarri and rake in the cash?

Here's the deal with things like Patreon. If you're a famous professional disc golf player like Paul Ulibarri, you should setup a Patreon account and rake in the money. However, if you are just some guy sitting in his basement with a laptop gibbering and jabbering away, who also happens to like throwing plastic, no one is going to pay money for that.

What's with the site design?

The design of the site is intended to be block-ish and crazy colors. The colors are meant to reflect discs, which are a often wild colors. The blockness is just meant to look retro.

When did Unifly Discs launch?

Timelines can be tricky because I don't tend to care about them. This website launched in early 2021, if I remember correctly, but in a very rudimentary way. On August 17, 2021, the Unifly Discs website was relaunched on a proper content management system.

What's your home course?

Very good question - tough but fair. My home course is Seneca Creek Park in Maryland. I live 10 minutes from 27 holes of quality disc golf. I consider myself fortunate, to live near Seneca Creek, and to have Mr. Bill tend so meticulously to the course.

Did anyone really ask you these questions?

OK, it looks like we're going to get serious now. I'm not going to lie to you, no one has ever contacted me about this website.

Why don't you make some custom Unifly Discs discs?

I actually plan on doing just this, but right now, the supply for plastic is super low and the discmakers, aren't doing custom jobs right now - August 2021. When that changes, I do plan on making my own bad ass mid-range.